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Don't dig yourself in a hole in your life or in your trading.

Nothing worse than digging yourself in a hole.  The good news is you can avoid doing it. I recently did some hiking with some friends in the Grand Canyon. The experience reminded me of the parallel between life and trading.  More specifically, how we can dig ourselves in some pretty deep holes.  The good news is we can avoid digging those holes that get us into so much trouble.  Find out about it in this video. If you like it please hit thumbs up.  Also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page. 

SP Tue 17 Oct

US stocks little changed in early trading

Trading around unchanged levels The US stocks are little changed in early trading: Not much change. US yields are now up a bit In Europe 10 year yields in Europe:

EURUSD Tue 17 Oct

Forex technical analysis: EURUSD trades at new session lows on dollar advance

Trends below the 100 bar MA on the 5-minute chart.  Moves below a floor area Apart from a single little look above the 100 bar MA, the EURUSD has stayed below the 100 bar MA on the 5- minute chart (blue line in the chart above) in trading today.  That is bearish.  

GBPUSD Tue 17 Oct

Forex technical analysis: GBPUSD breaks the 200 hour MA/trend line support.

Seller next target is to get below 1.3173 The GBPUSD has been moving to the downside over the last few hours of trading and the last push has been able to break below the 200 hour MA at 1.31962, a trend line at 1.3193 and the 50% of the move up from the October 6th low   Stay below is bearish (close risk for shorts intraday).

USDJPY Tue 17 Oct

Forex technical analysis: USDJPY trades higher after better import/export price data

Extends narrow trading range and tests 200 hour MA The USDJPY has broken back above the yellow area which is home to a number of swing levels, and in the process tests the 200 hour MA.  

EURGBP Tue 17 Oct

Forex technical analysis: EURGBP tests 100/200 hour MAs after rebound higher

Double bottom at recent 61.8% retracement The EURGBP is up testing the 100 and 200 hour MAs at 0.89199 and 0.89306 respectively. The 38.2% of the move down from last week's high comes in at 0.8923.

FOREX Tue 17 Oct

The NZD is the strongest. The GBP is the weakest as NA trader enter for day

The USD is a bit higher.  October 17, 2017 As NA traders enter for the day, the NZD is the strongest while the GBP is the weakest.  BOE's Ramsden and Tenreyro gave more cautious responses in their testimony and Carney did not hint of a November change.  As a result, the GBP is the biggest mover of all the currencies.   

EURUSD Mon 16 Oct

CB EUR/USD technical analysis - levels to re-establish shorts

This chart and analysis via Commerzbank on EUR/USD - they are looking to 'reinstate small shorts on rallies to 1.1880 , 1.1910 - stop 1.1925.' More: Support 1.1662** 17 August low

SP Mon 16 Oct

US stock end the session with gains and making records

Netflix rises after close on strong earnings The major stock indices are ending the session with gains and also closed at record levels. Netflix earnings after the close beat expectations and is trading up 1.86% in after hours trading at 206.45.

DOLLAR Mon 16 Oct

The dollar is picking up some upward speed

USDJPY trades at session high.  GBPUSD at session lows The dollar is picking up some upward speed in the last few minutes of trading. Headlines that Pres. Trump was impressed with John Taylor for Fed chair has the market thinking a more hawkish slant at the Fed.  

CRUDE-OIL Mon 16 Oct

Crude oil futures settle at $51.87/BBL

Up $0.42 on the day The US WTI crude oil futures are settling the day at $51.87, up $0.42 or 0.82% on the day. The high reached $52.37.  The low extended to $51.35.

USDJPY Mon 16 Oct

And back down USDJPY goes as N. Korea rejects diplomacy for now - CNN

Some of the run up remains There is another report from CNN saying N. Korea has rejected diplomacy for now.   So the USDJPY has rotated back lower. Some of the run up remains though. The pair remains above the NY/London session highs (red line). 

USDJPY Mon 16 Oct

Pop goes the USDJPY and the other JPY currency pairs

Moved back away from the 200 day MA The USDJPY is getting a pop on the N.Korean news and is trading above 112.00. The 100 hour MA looms ahead at 112.158. Since October 6th, when the pair moved below the MA line, there has only been one bar that closed above (on a spike higher on October 10th). That break was short lived. Last week, the MA was sniffed but not broken.  

USDJPY Mon 16 Oct

USD/JPY climbs on reports of a meeting between US and North Korean diplomats

IFX with the report Looks like nuclear war is on hiatus. USD/JPY is quickly higher to 111.95 from 111.75.

USDCHF Mon 16 Oct

Forex technical analysis: USDCHF trades between floor and ceiling

The price is trading between the 100 bar MAs The USDCHF has a floor at the 0.9711 and a ceiling at 0.9768-0.9772 levels.   The area is defined by the red box on the chart below. 

AUDUSD Mon 16 Oct

AUD/USD falls gives back the gains from US CPI

AUD/USD slides lower The Australian dollar should be getting a lift today from surging copper prices but it's a quarter-cent lower on the day. That erases most of the gains from Friday, when a disappointing CPI report send the US dollar lower, boosting AUD/USD in turn.

EURUSD Mon 16 Oct

Forex technical analysis: EURUSD up and down on the day. Holds support.

The high last week was a good one... The EURUSD last week stalled at 1.1879.  Recall that the swing low from June 2010 came in at 1.1876 (see weekly chart below).   That level was not broken until Jan 2015. Traders tend to remember key swing levels. That is one level to remember going forward.

USDCAD Mon 16 Oct

USD/CAD hits the best levels of the day ahead of BOC survey

Bank of Canada business outlook survey up next Two BOC surveys will be released at the bottom of the hour. The business outlook survey and the senior loan officer survey.

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