Technical Analysis

AUD/JPY downside move stalls just below 88.00

A look into the biggest mover in yesterday's trading The aussie and the yen were in two opposite extremes in yesterday's trading and the pair had good reason for a move lower on a technical level as mentioned .

More Technical Analysis

GBPUSD Tue 23 Jan

GBPUSD cracks below 1.4000 level and seeing some profit taking

Held trend line on hourly.   The topside trend line did stall the rise (.  The open road was not explored.   see red circle 3 and prior post)

GBPUSD Tue 23 Jan

GBPUSD breaks the next target and moves above 1.4000

Another 19th month high The GBPUSD price has now cracked above the 1.4000 level and is also moved above the 1.4004 and 1.4011 swing lows from April and June 2017.  The price moved to 1.40168.  Traders will now see if the key natural level at 1.4000 will hold.

DOLLAR Tue 23 Jan

Dollar weakens further with major pairs leading the way.

GBPUSD retracing its run lower and looks back toward 1.4000 area The dollar has weaken further. US yields are down with the 10 year down -3.5 bp to 2.6149%.  The 10 year remains well above the comparable yields in Europe (Germany 0.556%, France 0.835%.  Spain 1.348%)

EURUSD Tue 23 Jan

EURUSD tests session highs at 1.2275, but backs off

Not a lot of conviction from the market...yet The EURUSD just took a run up to the Asian session highs at 1.2275 and stalled.  The price has already moved back down to 1.22629.  

USDJPY Tue 23 Jan

The USDJPY looks toward the swing lows from last week

Trades at session lows The USDJPY is trading at session lows. The pair whipped around during the BOJ decision (steady course).  The high stalled ahead of the 111.20-22 area (swing highs on the hourly) and yes... fell back below the 100 and 200 hour MAs (blue and green lines). The tries above the 200 hour MA the last two days have failed (see red shaded areas). They were the first looks since January 10th. That is disappointing to the bulls/buyers.  

GBPUSD Tue 23 Jan

Forex technical analysis. GBPUSD stalled just ahead of resistance and backed off. Can it restart the selling?

The 1.4004-11 (and natural 1.4000 level) stalled the rally. Looking at the daily chart of the GBPUSD, the pair stalled just short of the next targets. In April and June of last year, the swing lows came in at 1.4004 and 1.4011 respectively. The high today (19 month high) extended to 1.40026.  Sellers leaned against the key resistance.

YEN Tue 23 Jan

TD on USD/JPY: Approaching key trend support, looks precarious

A client note from TD Securities Global Strategy on the yen and the BOJ today. I'll jump straight to their technical analysis and then back track  From a technical standpoint, USDJPY looks poised to enter into a new, but lower, trading range.

USDJPY Mon 22 Jan

Can the USDJPY hold the broken MA line?

Tests MA level on correction The USDJPY is back down retesting the broken 200 hour MA (green line in the chart above). That MA was broken earlier today at 110.96 area, and the price peaked at 111.22.  The move back down is back at that key MA level.

EURUSD Mon 22 Jan

GBPUSD moves back to highs after correction stalled

The 1.39742 is the 38.2% retracement The GBPUSD is trading to new session highs and is up testing the 38.2% of the move down from the 2014 high to the 2017 low. What about the October 2016 low?

AUDUSD Mon 22 Jan

AUDUSD stays in the channel. Above moving average support. Buyers still in control.

Off highs on the dollar rebound but still above key support The AUDUSD is off the highs on the back of the Washington news, but technically, the buyers/bulls remain in firm control ().

USDJPY Mon 22 Jan

USDJPY snaps higher. Breaks and runs above the 200 hour MA

Government back open (or close to it).  Earlier today, the technical levels were converging (). The range for the day was confined.  All that begs for a break and run at some point.  

EURGBP Mon 22 Jan

EURGBP breaking lower on GBPUSD strength

The moving away from the 200 day MA. Intraday trend line support at 0.8767 approached... As the GBPUSD strengthens, the EURGBP is falling.  Technically, the price is trading for the 4th day below the 200 day MA at 0.88343. Today is a bigger break lower.  We trade at the lowest level since December 15, 2017.

GBPUSD Mon 22 Jan

Forex technical analysis: GBPUSD tests highs from last week

Key level for the buyers to get to and through... The GBPUSD is up testing the highs from last week at 1.39447. The price just touched 1.39457 and backed off, but the buyers are pushing. The new high is a 19 month high for the pair.

USDJPY Mon 22 Jan

Forex technical analysis: USDJPY technical levels converging

The spring is coiling. Do we get a break and run? Technical levels in the USDJPY are converging. The convergence of the levels suggests the market is non-trending. Eventually, the market will transition from non-trending to trending.   The spring is coiling. Be on the lookout for a break and a run.  

EURUSD Mon 22 Jan

Forex technical analysis: EURUSD continues the consolidation near highs

Trades above and below 100 hour MA The EURUSD today gapped higher on the Washington failures, That took the price back above the 100 hour MA (blue line in the chart below).  The price fell from the higher opening, and in the process, back below the 100 hour MA. That fall tested the Friday end of day lows.  From there the price based and rebroke back above the 100 hour MA.

EURUSD Mon 22 Jan

EUR/USD - buyers still holding up for now

The pair opened with a gap higher in the morning, but gave back gains already The euro got a shot in the arm over the weekend after German coalition talks healthily, while the dollar slumped as the .

USDCAD Fri 19 Jan

USDCAD seeing some buying into the week's close

Trades to the highest level since the rate hike on Wednesday It is late, but the USDCAD is seeing some late Friday buying.  The price has just moved above the 1.2500 level for the first times since the "dovish" rate hike on Wednesday.  The low today stalled near recent swing lows going back to January 9th. 

BONDS Fri 19 Jan

Lost in all the talk of the government shutdown, the world's most important chart is breaking down

Huge level breaks US 10-year yields are the benchmark for everything. They're the bond that all others are measured against, in the currency that all others are measured against.


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